Things You Didn’t Know About Craft Beer

If you’re not familiar with craft beer it can be a little intimidating when you decide that you want to try it. You may think that it’s only for beer snobs or just for small dinner gatherings, but there’s a lot more to craft beer than meets the eye and plenty of reasons to pick some up and try it.

Fun Fact – Some craft beer is aged in oak barrels. Mirco brewers will often use small whiskey barrels to age their beer. You can also use these barrels to make and age whiskey. Check out this 1 liter whiskey making kit. More barrels can be found on Etsy – here.

Small Whiskey Barrels

It has a higher alcohol content.

This is not just a few numbers off, either. Craft beers can have up to 40% alcohol by volume. Most range around 5-10%, but that’s still a lot higher than the major beer brewers. Higher alcohol content means you need to buy and drink fewer, saving you money. Who knew?


There are a ton of choices available.

Craft beer brewers are popping up all over the country. If you’ve only ever tried the major regular beer brewers you might not know how delicious beer can really be. With so many choices available you can find one that you like and then branch out from there. Who knows, you may even end up being the person who can pair beer to go with meals. Now you’re getting fancy!

They’re end up consuming fewer calorie than regular beer.

Remember how they have a higher alcohol content than regular beer? That’s super helpful for beer drinkers who also want to watch their figures. By consuming few craft beers than regular ones you’ll get the same end result but with fewer calories. Win-win.

You can tour the brewery and meet the people working there.

This is a really fun activity for beer lovers. Getting to go behind the scenes and meet the people who are brewing your beer is a lot of fun. You’ll get insider information and probably be able to sample a lot of different kinds that they brew. It’s hard to do this with some of the larger, regular beer companies, but small craft brewers love to show people around.

So next time the opportunity presents itself for you to try some craft beer, don’t hesitate. The benefits of craft beer are numerous and with all the different kinds available you should be able to easily find one that you like. If you are having trouble though, remember that the breweries can talk to you and figure out what you like. Their recommendations are sure to be something that you like. Craft beer is here to stay, so you might as well enjoy it!

Rouge Dead Guy Ale

This smells divine. Pours out a golden amber-brown in color with a slight cloudiness. Dense, frothy off white head that lasts a few minutes. The nose is full of aromas of caramel, yeasty bread, honey, hops and malt. Good carbonation. Flavors of caramel, biscuit, honey, malt, citrus and mild spice come through. Almost a creamy mouthfeel. Touch of bitterness on a good finish. Well balanced and an enjoyable craft beer to drink.

12 ounce bottle, 6.50% ABV

Rogue Dead Guy Ale