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A list of my favorite types and brands of beer and why, in no particular order.

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Although I can't say what my favorite beer is, I can probably say what my favorite type of beer is and that is Altbier. I came across Alt while stationed in Germany. I was struggling to find a beer that I truly enjoyed. I was located in Bavaria and the regional beers, i.e. Pilsener and Weizen, just weren't doing it for me. Sure, I was drinking them. I got used to the Weissen, but could hardly stand the Pilsener and the occasional Doppel Boch and
Guinness, at the local British Pub, were too strong to drink all the time. So, as I recall the experience of finding Altbier, I was sitting at an outdoor cafe during some type of festival and eating some of the local cuisine when I ordered this beer. The day had started out
pretty cloudy and rain seemed imminent but as I drank this beer the sun broke through the clouds and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. The rest of the day and well into the evening was a wonderful experience. From that day on I have considered Altbier to be the truest and most perfect beer, for me anyway, of any other. A few years ago I made some myself from a kit and it turned out excellent. Just as I had remembered it. I have found it
in stores occasionally and relish it when I do. It is truly an excellent beer tasting experience.