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A list of my favorite types and brands of beer and why, in no particular order.

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Lindemans-Frambois: After spending three years in Germany, I thought the Germans made the best beer in the world. Until I tried Belgian's and Lindmeanns is one of the best. I first tried the Framboise which I had purchased at a beer and wine store near the Kent State campus, in Ohio, called what else, "Campus Beer and Wine Store". I had never seen this "Belgian Babe" before and thought that it sounded interesting. I'm pretty adventurous that way. That's how I find most of the things that I like, I just try them out. Well anyway, first, that it was corked was kind of a kick and then when I tasted it, wow! It is the most unique taste of any beer you'll try. Granted, it's made using rasberries, but the blend and the flavor are just perfect. This one is truly the "Champagne of Beers".