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A list of my favorite types and brands of beer and why, in no particular order.

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Guinness- Draft: I believe the first time I ever drank Guinness Draft was in that English Pub I mentioned before, above. This pub was located, of all places, in downtown Schweinfurt, Germany. We used to hit this place like a bunch of mad Irishmen. Well, a lot of us probably were. I know I'm at least one fourth Irish/Scot. Anyway, we would go to this pub when we weren't out looking for girls. We would go there when we were really serious about our drink. We especially liked taking new guys there because we would order half-yards and watch as the "newbe" would would tilt the glass up too quick for that last bit of beer in the round bottom. The beer would just sit there, suspended, not going down the long neck of the glass until wooosh, the beer would come racing down the neck and splash beer all over the poor guys face. We would laugh hysterically for what seemed like hours after those ones. For the most part though, this is probably one of my favorite beers and the one I probably drink the most of, especially in winter.