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English Pint Glass
These have a similar purpose to the shaker in that they are made for session ales, in this case bitters, milds, porters and stouts. There are a couple of key differences. First, they pour a proper pint (and usually have a line indicating where that is on the glass, just to make sure you don’t get ripped off). Second, they have a bit more flourish than the bland shaker. There are basically two variations. The first has a gentle curve covering the upper 2/3 of the glass - Guinness uses these. The second has a straight slope for the bottom two-thirds, and then a bump near the top, flattening out at the mouth of the glass.

Appropriate for these styles:

Amber Ale
Baltic Porter
Dry Stout
English Pale Ale
English Strong Ale
Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Irish Ale
Low Alcohol
Mild Ale
Old Ale
Pale Lager
Premium Bitter/ESB
Scottish Ale
Sweet Stout
Traditional Ale