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Yard Glass
A Yard of Beer Glass, is commonly referred to as a “Yard of Ale”, a full Yard of Beer measures about 36 inches, hence the name. Many believe that its origin was of Early English Pub’s. But, if that were the case, they would be called a “Meter of Ale” not a yard.

Its unique elongated shape was first invented in the 17th Century to allow barkeeps to pass a refreshing drink to a parched stagecoach driver while sitting high atop his coach, and not forcing him to climb down. The funnel shape at the top was designed as a non-slip, non spill feature. The proper way to fill a “Yard of Beer” is with 16 oz.of beer, and let the foam fill the glass to the top of the neck. A Yard becomes overfilled when the beer or the foam enters the funnel area. Overfilling them is a common mistake made today.

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There are no particular types of beer for this glass, although Ale's have been the most commonly used. The idea behind this type of beer glass is to have a container that is nearly spill proof and that separates the beer from the foam while being drank from. It is now used primarily for recreational use.