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Commonwealth “Kalik”
Commonwealth Brewery Limited – Nassau, Bahamas
Pale Lager (ABV 5%)

[Best served in a Lager glass]

Rating: 1.9/5.0

Aroma: 3/10
Appearance: 2/5
Taste: 4/10
Palate: 2/5
Overall: 8/20

The pour was a pale yellow with a large (2-3 finger) fizzy white head that diminished quickly and had poor lacing.

The aroma was almost non-existent but did have a mild scent of a grain malt, a weak grassy hop and a moldy yeast with just a hint of caramel.

The taste was very lightly sweet and just a tad malty with a hint of caramel from the beginning to end and not much else. The flavor lasted a very short time with any aftertaste fading very quickly.

Mouthfeel was extremely light in body with the texture being rather watery and having a fizzy carbonation.

Overall a super light beer that did not have a lot of flavor.

Sampled: 1/8/2012

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  • Mark
    Mark It sure is big in the Bahamas. See it quite a bit in FL too (or used to). When I lived in FL friends thought of Kalik as fancy Corona. Heineken even did studies to see what people in the Bahamas liked before they came up with the recipe for it.
    January 9, 2012