Ovila Dubbel

  • The Ovila Dubbel, from Sierra Nevada in collaboration with The Abbey of New Clairvaux, brings the centuries old monastery brewing tradition to the USA. There are currently three beers being produced; Dubbel, Saison & Quad.


    When you remove the cage from the cork on the 750ml bottle you'll understand why it is there. Removing the cork, quite a task in itself, produces one of the loudest champagne type pops I have ever heard. I poured the Ovila Dubbel into a large snifter, not too vigorous a pour, and achieved a one finger head that subsided pretty quickly. There is a slight murkiness to the deep, caramel brown ale.


    On the nose, aromas of Belgian yeast, peppery spice and dried, dark fruit are prominent. In the mouth this really has good flavor. It is earthy and malty with some caramel, sweet dark fruit accented with pepper and clove. The uniqueness of this ale is that you can really taste each flavor without one competing with the other. They are married and living harmoniously. I want to say the mouthfeel is almost chewy but that is not the right word. Full would be a better description. This is well carbonated and may be too carbonated for some. Just a little lacing on the glass. Full side of medium bodied.


    The finish is packed with the same flavors and is quite dry. It does go on for a while which I always take as a sign of quality. This is a very good dubbel and one I really enjoyed. Not quite up there with the top Belgian Dubbels but a very close second to them. I give this Ovila Dubbel a thumbs up and look forward to trying the others. Especially the saison.


    750ml bottle | 7.50% ABV | $10.99


    Ovila Dubbel