Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Twisted Tasting

  • Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing On Friday, February 17, 2012, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing will host a gala event at the Top of the Rittenhouse building, showcasing forty of the most unique, experimental and unusual beers in the world partnered with locally produced exotic and atypical food. Flavors and combinations will range from chocolate mint stout to smoked pig ear ale. Beer brined pickles and Devout Stout washed cheeses. Whiskey, tequila and pinot barrel aged beers and chicharrones with mole`. Twisted and delicious! Or at the very least, adventuresome. For one night only, guests will be engaged in a mind-bending, taste bud tingling, sensory overload experience.


    The Twisted Tasting is hosted by Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing in conjunction with San Francisco Beer Week. As brewers, traveling and tasting beers, has its privileges. Getting to sample the experimental, non-traditional, wild and unique beers that stretch a brewer’s creativity to the far reaches is the inspiration for this event. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing has brewed up four unique beers for the event, including a Horchata Pale Ale.


    San Francisco Beer Week celebrates its fourth year in 2012 with breweries, restaurants, bars, and individuals hosting events throughout the bay area in awareness and appreciation of the craft brewing industry. Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, producing American-made products that put people to work locally, is a proud sponsor of San Francisco Beer Week.


    For $65 dollars, guests can purchase a ticket for unlimited beer and food pairing. Guests must be 21 years or older. The Top of the Rittenhouse building is a ‘fun formal’ event space, perfect for the evening’s activities. Adult circus performers, fire dancers and other live entertainment will dazzle the cerebral while the taste buds are engaged. From 6P – 9P, guests will be invited to an unlimited sampling of the some of the most twisted beers one can imagine.


    For a complete up-to-date listing of brewers, beers, and food vendors of the Twisted Tasting, visit