Lakefront Brewery My Turn Series 001 Dan Baltic Porter

  • The Dan Baltic Porter, #001 in the My Turn Series, from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin pours out pitch black with no light getting through and is topped with a two finger, finely bubbled, mocha colored head that slowly reduces down to a film. Very pungent on the nose with aromas of deeply roast grains, bittersweet chocolate, espresso, molasses and some earthy funk. In the mouth, you get a decent molasses sweetness at first that becomes mellowed out by the bitter chocolate, coffee, roast grain and earthy hop flavors. Full bodied. Moderate carbonation. Thin sheets of lacing on the glass. Slight creaminess to the mouthfeel. The finish is long and almost smokey from the deeply roasted grains.


    A very good Baltic Porter. Complex in flavor with just enough sweetness make this a craft beer worth enjoying. Recommended.


    22 ounce bottle, 8.5% ABV, 37 IBU

    Beer 89 of 366 for 2012


    Lakefront Dan Baltic Porter

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  • ironarrow42
    ironarrow42 Sounds great! Will keep my eye out for this one.
    April 24, 2012
  • Mark
    Mark #002 in the My Turn Series was just released too. Brad Scottish Ale.
    April 24, 2012
  • ironarrow42
    ironarrow42 Cool. I'm partial to Wisconsin craft beer in general, and Milwaukee breweries in particular, being a native. Lakefront and Sprecher stand out in my mind.
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