Russian River Salvation Dark Ale

  • The Salvation Belgian Style Strong Dark Ale (Batch #11) from Russian River Brewing Company in Sonoma, California pours out a deep brown in color and is topped with a large, foamy, light tan head that slowly reduces down to a film with a nice collar. On the nose, there is a ton of ripe fruit. Plums, black currant, cherries mixed in with brown sugar and a little yeast. In the mouth, this is a very smooth, well balanced beer. There is nothing harsh here. All the flavors meld congruously. Rich cherry and dark fruit flavors with a touch of roasted grain, a nice amount of sugary sweetness and a little spice. Low side of moderate carbonation. Medium bodied. Some lacing on the glass. A slight viscosity to the mouthfeel. The finish is extremely long and packed with layers of flavor as they gradually subside.


    Not as harsh or as bold as a lot of Belgian Strong Dark Ales which I like. Perfect balance and layers of flavor tantalize the palate making you want to sip this craft beer so you can thoroughly enjoy it. One of the best beers I've had this year. Highly recommended.


    375ml bottle, 9.5% ABV, Bottled 041812

    Beer 140 of 366 for 2012 


    Russian River Salvation Dark Ale