New Belgium The Lost Abbey Lips of Faith Brett Beer

  • The Lips of Faith Brett Beer, a collaboration between New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado and The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, California, pours out a hazy pale orange in color and is topped with a two finger, dense, white head that very slowly reduces down to a thin film. On the nose, barnyard funk, a good amount of fruit that is mostly orange and a little bread. In the mouth, this is quite smooth. There is enough funkiness to give it the qualities you'd expect from a brett beer but their is also enough fruitiness to somewhat balance the funkiness. Flavors of orange, lemon, funk, a little spice and some sugar. Light side of medium bodied. Fine carbonation. Beautiful lacing on the glass. Slight creaminess to the mouthfeel. The finish is pretty long with a decent dose of funk and sweet lemony-orange.


    Not as funky as some of the brett beers I have had but a solid effort that is well crafted. Probably a good starting point for someone wanting to ease their way into tasting brett beers. Recommended.


    22 ounce bottle, 7.5% ABV

    Beer 151 of 366 for 2012


    New Belgium Lost Abbey Lips of Faith Brett Beer

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  • Mark
    Mark As this warms the funk is becoming more pronounced in a very nice way.
    June 22, 2012