OBP Toasted Coconut Porter

  • A big thanks to Ken for sending me this bottle of Toasted Coconut Porter brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery for OBP, LLC in Orlando, Florida. The Toasted Coconut Porter pours out dark, dark brown in color with just a little light getting through on the edges and is topped with a two finger, tightly knit, tan colored head that reduces down to a thin film with a nice collar. On the nose, roasted grain, chocolate, coconut and a hint of coffee. In the mouth, the chocolate and coconut are prevalent with a little bit of cream. Good roast flavors too. Medium bodied. Moderate carbonation. Slightly creamy mouthfeel. Some lacing on the glass. The finish is quite long with the roast grain and coconut flavors hanging on the longest.


    An interesting porter for sure. It has been a while since I have had the Maui CoCoNut Porter so I really can't compare it to that. The best summation is probably if you took a Dark Chocolate Mounds Bar and took out most (99%) of the sweetness, added a little espresso and some alcohol you'd have this beer. Tasty for sure. Recommended.


    PS - If you try this and do not smell nor taste the coconut let the beer warm up a little. Fridge temperature is too cold for a porter and the aromas and taste are muted. I tasted this beer around 55F.


    12 ounce bottle, 5.25% ABV

    Beer 174 of 366 for 2012


    OBP Toasted Coconut Porter