Odell Easy Street Wheat Beer

  • The Easy Street Wheat Beer from Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado pours out a pale gold in color with a good amount of cloud (unfiltered) and is topped with a thick, two finger, white head that slowly reduces down to a film. On the nose, yeast, grain, spice and a little wet towel. In the mouth, slightly fruity with citrus (lemon-lime), some graininess, yeast and a little peppery spice. Light bodied. Moderate carbonation. Slight cream to the mouthfeel. Thick splotches of lacing on the glass. Long on the finish and quite mouth watering.


    A very good wheat beer with good flavor that really refreshes. Ideal for warm days to quench your thirst. Recommended.


    12 ounce bottle, 4.6% ABV, 15 IBU, Best by 10/4/12

    Beer 181 of 366 for 2012


    Odell Brewing Easy Street Wheat Beer