The Lost Abbey & New Belgium Mo Betta Bretta

  • The Mo Betta Bretta, a collaboration brew between New Belgium Brewing Company (Fort Collins, Colorado) & The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, California), where this craft beer is brewed, pours out a cloudy, pale orange in color and is topped with a fizzy, one finger, white head that quickly reduces down until it is completely gone. On the nose, pungent with aromas of pineapple, spice, orange, funk and a dollop of sweetness. In the mouth, pineapple, clove, orange, earthy funk and some peppery spice. Light side of medium bodied. Persistent carbonation. No lacing on the glass. The mouthfeel has a little creaminess to it. The finish is long, has a good deal of funk, peppery spice and sweetness that lasts.


    It is hard not to compare this craft beer to the Lips of Faith Brett Beer as this is that beer's sibling, so to speak. Mo Betta Bretta was originally brewed in 2004 when Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey & Peter Bouckaert of New Belgium Brewing brewed the all brettanomyces beer in Solano Beach, CA. Not having a glass of Lips of Faith Brett Beer to compare these two wonderful beers side by side leaves me to make the comparison by memory, which is often not the best idea. I'd say Mo Betta Bretta is more "bretty" with a touch more funk but that both beers possess the same delightful fruitiness. They are both very flavorful. Perhaps the recipe used at New Belgium for the Lips of Faith Brett Beer was tweaked, Brett Beer comes in at a higher 7.5% ABV, and that altitude and a different water source create this slight difference.


    Both are fantastic beers with similar nuances. The Mo Betta Bretta seems to have more brett funk but I'd buy both beers again and again (and hopefully both together, one day, for a true comparison).


    12.7 ounce bottle, 6.3% ABV

    Beer 215 of 366 for 2012


    the Lost Abbey & New Belgium Mo Betta Bretta