Avery Brewing Out of Bounds Stout

  • The Out of Bounds Stout from Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado pours out pitch black in color with a good deal of floating sediment and is topped with just over a finger of mocha colored head that slowly reduces down to a thin film with a decent sized collar. On the nose, big roast flavors with a heavy dose of chocolate and coffee and just a touch of molasses like sweetness. In the mouth, a lot of roast grain but the coffee flavors dominate with hints of bittersweet chocolate, cinder toffee and cream in the background. Full side of medium bodied. Moderate carbonation. Thick sheets of sticky lacing on the glass. Somewhat creamy mouthfeel. The finish is very long with coffee and chocolate flavors outlasting all others.


    A very flavorful stout that is also an easy drinker. Well put together with enough complexity but not overly done. All the flavors meld rather than compete. Recommended.


    12 ounce bottle, 6.3% ABV, 51 IBU, Bottled April 22, 2012 (12112B1 bottle date stamp: 12 = 2012, 112 = 112th day of the year = April 22, B1 = Tank B1)

    Beer 243 of 366 for 2012


    Avery Out of Bounds Stout