Twisted Pine Brewing Co. Red Rye-der 17th Anniversary Ale

  • The Red Rye-der 17th Anniversary Ale from Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado pours out a deep brownish-ruby red in color with good clarity and is topped with a dense, two finger, khaki colored head that slowly recedes down to a film with a thin collar. On the nose, big malts and big hops. Earthy, piney bitter hop aromas with toasted malt, treacle, rye and a little must. In the mouth, malty but not overly sweet and hoppy with a nice persistent bitterness. Flavors of earth, pine, rye, burnt toffee, grass and a little spice. Full side of medium bodied. Good carbonation. Thick sheets of lacing on the glass. Chewy mouthfeel. The finish is long and dry with the earthy, bitter hops lasting the longest.


    A well crafted brew with good flavor that flows in layers. Persistent bitterness accentuated with hefty malts give a semblance of balance in this big flavor brew. Recommended.


    22 ounce bottle, 6.1% ABV, 60 IBU

    Beer 279 of 366 for 2012


    Twisted Pine Red Rye-der 17th Anniversary Ale