Santa Fe Brewing Co. Oktoberfest Lager Review

  • The Oktoberfest Lager from Santa Fe Brewing Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico pours out a clear brassy-copper in color and is topped with a two finger, off-white, loosely bubbled head that reduces down to a thin film with a decent sized collar fairly quickly. On the nose, aromas of bread, caramel, apple, nuts and some spice. In the mouth, malty and slightly sweet with a touch of honey like flavor along with caramel, nut, earth and biscuit. Light side of medium bodied. Low side of moderate carbonation. Some lacing on the glass. Crisp, pretty clean mouthfeel. The finish is medium length with the bready malts hanging on the longest.


    Not being much of an Oktoberfest Lager fan I have to say I liked this because it is understated, clean and easy to drink. It has all the Marzen flavors you'd expect just with a less intrusive, to me, amount of them. Recommended.


    12 ounce can, 6.0% ABV

    Beer 281 of 366 for 2012


    Santa Fe Brewing Oktoberfest Lager