Anchor Brewing Co. Breckle's Brown Ale Review

  • The Breckle's Brown Ale from Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, California pours out a deep amber-mahogany brown in color with good clarity and is topped with a tan, foamy, two finger head that slowly reduces down to a thick film with a large collar. On the nose, lovely malt aromas of brown sugar, sweet brown bread, earth and a little nut. In the mouth, very smooth and easy drinking. Flavors of biscuit, bread, brown sugar, dark fruit, toasted nuts, herbs and a light hop presence cleaning things up. Medium bodied. Nice carbonation. Slightly chewy mouthfeel. The finish is long, slightly dry and definitely malt forward but there is a mild hop bite working its way right to the end.


    A very good brown ale that is a pleasure to drink. Lovely warm malts really tantalize the palate as you drink your way down the glass. It just started to snow and a glass of this in front of the fireplace seems like a perfect way to start the evening. Recommended.


    12 ounce bottle, 6.0% ABV, Bottled June 26, 2012 (2UZ)

    Beer 292 of 366 for 2012


    Anchor Breckle's Brown Ale