New Belgium Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

  • The Lips of Faith Series Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout from New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado pours out pitch black in color with no light getting through and is topped with a dense, two finger, mocha colored head that very slowly reduces down to a thick film with a decent sized collar. On the nose, rich and roast aromas permeate. Aromas of chocolate, cocoa, powdered milk, freshly brewed coffee and roast grains. In the mouth, layers of slightly bitter flavor cascade across the tongue. Flavors of roast grain, cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, coffee and very mild brown sugar. Medium to full bodied. Vibrant carbonation. Thick sheets of lacing on the glass. Slightly chewy mouthfeel, although not as viscous as other imperial stouts. The long finish is mostly bitter with the roast flavors outlasting the coffee and chocolate.


    A good imperial stout with good flavor. At first, there is more chocolate than coffee but as this craft beer warms the coffee becomes very apparent and dominant. Take the bottle out of the fridge and let it warm for a good thirty minutes before popping it open and drinking. Recommended.


    22 ounce bottle, 9.0% ABV

    Beer 317 of 366 for 2012


    New Belgium Lips of Faith Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout