FiftyFifty Brewing Co. Eclipse Imperial Stout 2012 Wax Colors

  • The December 6th release party has come and gone for Eclipse and we should soon be seeing this craft beer on the shelves at stores here and there. In 2011 FiftyFifty Brewing Co. distributed Eclipse to Chicago, Denver & Philadelphia, as well as their home state of California. I have an email out to them about distribution this year and will post an update when it comes in. This year there are 11 versions of Eclipse. Last year saw 7 different versions.


    2012 FiftyFifty Eclipse Imerial Stout Wax Color Code:

    Metallic Red - Rebel Yell

    Blue - Old Fitzgerald

    Green - Rittenhouse Rye

    Beige - Bernheim Wheat

    Black - Evan Williams

    Purple - Elijah Craig 12-yr

    Metallic Gold - Mellow Corn

    White - Elijah Craig 20-yr

    Bronze - Grand Cru

    Pink w/ Purple Swirls - Coffee Eclipse

    Steel Grey - GHS Special Blend


    Update 12/19: Denver will be getting Eclipse again this year.


    FiftyFifty 2012 Eclipse Imperial Stout