Elevation Beer Senorita Imperial Porter

  • The Black Diamond Series Señorita Imperial Porter from Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs, Colorado pours out pitch black in color with no light getting through and is topped with a dense, dark tan colored, pillowy head that slowly reduces down to a thick, foamy film with a large collar. On the nose, aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, roasted grain, molasses, dark chocolate and a hint of milk. A little booze too, which, combined with the vanilla, almost comes together like faint bourbon. In the mouth, flavors of warm spice infused with a milky vanilla ride underneath the roast grain flavors. Some Mexican chocolate and molasses sweetness become evident mid-palate. Full side of medium bodied. Moderate carbonation. Thick sheets of lacing on the glass. Nice weight in the mouthfeel with a touch of cream. The finish is very long and while the roast grain flavors are prominent they are outlasted by the warm cinnamon spice and sweet vanilla.


    A wonderful imperial porter with good, rich flavor that is enhanced by the vanilla and the hints of warmth that come from the cinnamon. This 'horchata' type imperial porter tastes very authentic to the heritage of the region. Loved it. Highly recommended.


    750ml bottle, 8.4% ABV, 35 IBU, Bottle #00663, Bottled Winter 2012


    Elevation Senorita Imperial Porter