Trinity Brewing Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA

  • The Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA from Trinity Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado pours out a cloudy, slightly burnt orange in color and is topped with a two plus finger, snow white head that slowly reduces down to a thin film with a quarter inch collar. On the nose, a hophead's delight. Beautiful citrus aromas are profound. Mandarin orange, bitter orange, grapefruit rind, pine, some flower, toffee and caramel come through. In the mouth, definitely a hop bomb but with enough malt to give balance. Flavors of sour orange, grapefruit rind, orange marmalade, lemon, some caramel like honey sweetness, pine and grass. Medium bodied. Good, fine carbonation. Sheets of lacing on the glass. Slightly sticky mouthfeel. The finish is long and bitter with different hops trying to outlast the marmalade sweetness. The bitter hops win.


    A fantastic Double IPA. Probably the best Double IPA I have had in a long time. A ton of hops in this craft brew but there is a solid malt backbone giving a fair amount of balance. I'd be a happy (or is that hoppy) camper if you said I could only drink one beer again and this was it. I'd totally be on board. If you can find it, buy it. If you can't, trade for it. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.


    750ml bottle, 10.0% ABV, 125 IBU, Bottle 153/12


    Trinity Brewing Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA

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  • FiftyThreePeaks
    FiftyThreePeaks Just visited there today and got to taste this brew...Completely agree with you on this one, it was incredible!
    April 8, 2013 - 1 likes this
  • Mark
    Mark I'm looking forward to trying more of their brews. Red Swingline was great too.
    April 9, 2013