Renegade Brewing 5:00 O'Clock Afternoon Ale

  • The 5:00 O'Clock Afternoon Ale from Renegade Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado pours out pale straw-gold in color with some haze and is topped with a two finger, snow white head that reduces down quite quickly to a thin film with a slightly lager collar. On the nose, slightly floral with a little bread and a touch of sweetness. In the mouth, light and refreshing. Flavors of bread, light citrus, faint honey and a little bitter grass towards the end. Light bodied. Fine carbonation. Thick sheets of lacing on the glass. Crisp, clean mouthfeel. Moderate length, dry finish that is just the slightest bit of bitter.


    A lovely American Blonde Ale. Crisp, clean and very refreshing. Perfect to sit back and relax with on a warm day. Pack it in a cooler and take it fishing. You'll be glad you did. Recommended.


    16 ounce can, 5.0% ABV


    Renegade Brewing 5:00 O'Clock Afternoon Ale