Trinity Brewing Co. Red Swingline IPA Primitif

  • The Red Swingline IPA Primitif from Trinity Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado pours out a golden orange in color with a little cloud and is topped with a one finger, white head that quickly dissipates and completely vanishes. On the nose, sour and bitter with some standard orangey IPA aromas going on. A little funk, citrus zest and acidity. In the mouth, bitter, sour and very clean, almost vibrant. Flavors of tangerine, lemon, sour apple, a little funk, faint notes of coriander and a dose of acidity that grows in intensity. Medium bodied. Little lacing on the glass. Effervescent, fine carbonation. Very bright and crisp mouthfeel. Very dry on a long, sour finish that does not want to quit.


    A very different craft beer but a very good craft beer. A sour IPA would be the best way to describe this brew but with an emphasis on the sour over the IPA. Crisp, clean flavors with just a little funk and almost bone dry. If you like sour brews, this is a must to put on your to drink list. Highly recommended.


    750ml bottle, 4.1% ABV, 100 IBU, Bottle 1408 12/12, Barrel TBB 1-6


    Trinity Brewing Co. Red Swingline IPA Primitif