Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Hop Ale

  • The Prairie Hop Dry-Hopped Belgian Style Ale from Prairie Artisan Ales (brewed by Krebs Brewing Co.) in Krebs, Oklahoma pours out a cloudy, bright orange in color topped by a two finger, white head that is meringue like and slowly recedes to a film with a slightly larger collar. Aromas of apricot, grass, Belgian yeast, coriander and dusty earth on the nose. Crisp in the mouth and dry. Flavors of coriander, orange peel, orange, earth, pepper, hints of mango and lemon. Light bodied. Effervescent carbonation. Thin sheets of lacing on the glass. Crisp, clean mouthfeel. Bone dry on an extended finish with solid bitterness laced with a dollop of peppery spice taking it all the way to the end.


    A very nice brew that is well crafted. Hoppy saison is how I would describe this. It was the first hot (78F) day of the year here and this hit the spot. Refreshing, crisp, dry and flavorful with layers of complexity. Well worth the price of admission. Highly recommended.


    750ml bottle, 7.0% ABV


    Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Hop Ale