Bear Republic Black Racer IPA

  • The Black Racer IPA from Bear Republic Brewing Company in Healdsburg, California pours out very dark brown, almost black, in color with just a little light getting through on the edges and is topped with a two finger, latte colored head that slowly reduces down to a thin film with a good sized collar. On the nose, aromas of roast grain, citrus, earth and cookie. In the mouth, lovely dark flavors of roast grain are prominent with coffee and treacle followed with a hop bite that is citrus, grass and pine. Medium to full bodied. Moderate carbonation. Thick sheets of lacing on the glass. Light oil in the mouthfeel. The long finish was bitter all the way to the end.


    A wonderful, balanced black IPA with tons of flavor that comes in layers and doesn't want to quit. Not as hoppy as some Black IPAs but that does not take away fom this craft brew at all as it exhibits refined restraint thoroughly pleasing all spectrums of the palate. Highly recommended.


    22 ounce bottle, 8.1% ABV


    Bear Republic Black Racer IPA