Supporting your local brewrey

  • Yesterday, myself and a friend traveled south in our wonderful state of Colorado to Canon City where we heard of a local brew pub called McClellen's.  I was extremely disapointed, and horrified to find that this so called "brew pub" was selling domestic beers.  I always understood that if you were a true brew pub that you support YOUR own beers, and if someone wanted to partake in a domestic beverage then they could exit and find a lounge that sold them.  I would NEVER suggest that anyone patonize this establishment.  Not only was I taken aback by the selling of domestic beers, but the food was substandard and the service was terrible.  If this place were in a larger city, it would have folded with a matter of weeks in my humble opinion.

    I am many other people feel the same way I do in regard to this matter?


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  • oregonbeerlover
    oregonbeerlover We have several pubs in this area that don't sell local either, and can they really be called a brew pub if they don't brew their own beer? It's always amazing to me in both Colorado and Oregon that this could happen with the quality and quantity of loca...  more
    July 5, 2009