opinions on best beer bars?

  • So, over at www.thehappyhourguys.com we look for really notable bars. We've been visiting some of the best beer bars in our areas, but would welcome some suggestions from the rest of our beer fanatic friends here. We're not talking bars with a few good beers, but places that become a destination because of their attention to beer.

    Some we like:

    Great Lost Bear Portland, ME

    Blind Tiger NYC

    Brickskeller Wash, DC

    Spuytin Duyvil NYC

    Freakin' Frog Las vegas

    There are others we've been to, but that gives you the idea of what we're looking for here. Any suggestions? Much appreciated!

  • ElitheMadBeerMan
    ElitheMadBeerMan I've been writing a column for MOJO HD for the better part of a year called "The Beer Bucket List." It's a list of beer bars every beer geek should visit before they... kick the bucket. ;) For now you can find it here: http://135.mojohd.com/tagged/confess...  more
    November 25, 2008
  • Dru808
    Dru808 my fav is called 99 bottles in Santa Cruz CA. but really i think it comes down to where your from and where you feel most comfortable. i like knowing my bartenders and getting that more personnel service. plus its not just called 99 bottles for the song.
    November 29, 2008
  • ElitheMadBeerMan
    ElitheMadBeerMan I'm with Dru on getting to know the bartenders. My wife and I always sit at the bar.

    How long as 99 Bottles been in Santa Cruz, Dru? I checked out their site but it doesn't say. I graduated from San Jose State (17 years ago) and don't remember e...  more
    November 29, 2008
  • HappyHourGuyMark
    HappyHourGuyMark Thanks, for the tips.
    I completely agree. A great bartender can make a so-so bar fantastic. And vice-versa.
    I always sit at the bar...
    November 29, 2008