Beat the heat with a salad and Watermelon Wheat

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    Watermelon is a perplexing addition to wheat beer, but California's 21st Amendment Brewery makes it work surprisingly well.  21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon pours clear and pale, with a much more mild taste than its name implies.  it is a delicate, summery beer, perfect for the crisp sweet and savory blend of a salad featuring watermelon, shrimp, and just a salty sprinkle of feta.

    The beer is much gentler than I expected from a watermelon wheat (I was expecting it to be cloudy, and pink, for example.)  Its gentle bitterness makes it very refreshing, especially with a twist of lime.  Paired with subtly flavored food, the ephemeral sweetness of watermelon comes out of hiding, along with a yeasty, wheaty sweetness.

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