Fantasy Football Draft Night and Beer

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    Fantasy football is one of my favorite sports.  The fun~ of watching football, cheering great plays, and lamenting over fumbles is exponentially bigger- when you could be cheering for any player in the NFL.  Focusing on individual players, rather than whole teams is both tremendous fun and intensely frustrating.  On the plus side, you get to watch, and follow, more football each weekend, and you can score big even if your local team gets clobbered. 

    The flip side?  As my friend Mike puts it:  "'Throw! Throw!  Throw!  Oh no!  Not to THAT guy!"  Your quarterback throws a great long pass. But if your fantasy opponent has the wide receiver who caught it? It doesn't do you any good.

    This season I'm in two leagues which are drafting next week:

    1. Get Your Own Damn Beer- A league I started last year, with seven friends and my cousin.  This year, our ranks have increased to twelve.  Our draft is live online on Tuesday night.  There will be laptops, pizza, and intensive smack talking, between the New York locals and team members in Minnesota, and even London.  There will also be a few six packs of beer.

    2. The Aleuminati Football league.  Run by members of the Aleuminati beer discussion board.  I'll be playing against beer bloggers I've never met. I'm intrigued.  Especially because of the prize.  At the end of the season, the league winner gets beer.  From each of the competitor's home states.

    Drinking during the draft?  I'm undecided.  For the first time, I see the wisdom of the

    beer summit beer choices