Women make better beer tasters than men???

  • Has anyone else seen a story about Australia's Bluetongue Brewery, and their plan to hire more women because "women make better beer tasters than men?"

    I would love to find some concrete scientific studies to back this up, or at the very least, would love some help tracing the origin of the idea.  Some of the articles I've seen treat women-taste-beer better as a foregone conclusion, a stereotype or folklore.  And some seem to hint at their being science behind it, without referencing a study.

    I'm a beer writer, and a freelance writer more generally, and I would LOVE to get an article going about this.  But I need a little help sorting out the science before I write anything.

    Please help!  Will trade recipes for guidance!

    - Elizabeth W.

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  • KajII
    KajII INTERESTING. I read the article on it and it does not seem to me anyway to hold weight. I personally think that tasting beer comes with practice.it takes time to be able to distiquish between the all the flavors the can explode on your palette. But who kn...  more
    September 15, 2009