do you get stella in america

  • just havin a cold can of stella artois and surfin the net and thought to myself, most people on mustlovebeer are american i wonder if they get stella over there. if you dont you guys should try an get hold of some coz its great. we dont get franks hot sauce over here but as soon as i found out thats what TGI's put on there wings i got some sent over. if you dont know stella is a strong tastin belgian beer but its rocket fuel so be carefull if your plannin to sink a few. also do you get grolsh, kronemburg, carling, becks, carlsberg, fosters, perroni and bulmers/magners cider. in fact do you lot drink cider at all. letus know mate. This blog is all about learnin about the differance between english and american beer drinkin habits and traditions.

  • Mark
    Mark has quite a few American brews - Flying Dog, Rogue, Great Divide, Rogue, Anchor, Goose Island, Brooklyn, Boston Beer Co (Sam Adams), Sierra Nevada and probably a few more.

    In the sense of an English Pub like each vill...  more
    August 29, 2009
  • ironarrow42
    ironarrow42 Most of the beers you mentioned are pretty widely available here - Carling & Carlsberg maybe not quite as much as the others. We do get some English ciders as well - Strongbow is available on tap at one of my local pub/restaurants. Cider is more of a nich...  more
    August 29, 2009
  • bobby
    bobby i only really drink cider in summer, it just seems like sunshine in a bottle but see if you can, find bulmers irish cider its well nice in a glass with ice mate! Another nice drink is hoegaarden, it dont look too good but it tastes of malt and honey, nice!
    August 30, 2009
  • bobby
    bobby german/european, beer/christmas markets in the city now i'm startin to feel all festive. Do you have christmas markets other side o' the pond. Big thing in europe for a long time, only had them in england last 5yrs or so but its a good christmas feelin yo...  more
    November 28, 2009