Shock Top Belgian White/Anheuser-Busch


    Beer/Brewery – Shock Top Belgian White/Anheuser-Busch   C / 2.78  look: 3 | smell: 3 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 3    City/State- Saint Louis, Missouri    STYLE – WitbierABV – 5.2%IBU – 10     DATE – 5 June 2011     SERVING TYPE – 12 oz bottle     GLASSWARE – Shock Top logoed Pilsner     APPEARANCE – Cloudy golden color, Pored with a thick foamy head that settled down to about ½ inchAROMA- notes of citrus and coriander     TASTE – Very refreshing with a dominating orange presence and a little bit of a spice behind it     MOUTHFEEL – Good carbonation that stay with you even after the sip.  Also a bit creamy as well.     CONCLUSION – A nice cheap summer beer.  Very refreshing and would be great for sitting at the pool, lake or camping.                               -JH-

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  • Mark
    Mark If it gets hot enough I will try one. I do not have the matching glass though. :P
    June 5, 2011