Blithering Idiot/Weyerbacher Brewing



    Beer/Brewery - Blithering Idiot/Weyerbacher Brewing

    A- / 4.18  look: 4.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5

    City/State- Easton, Pennsylvania

    STYLE – English Barleywine

    ABV – 11%

    IBU –  20

    DATE – 13 JUN 2011

    SERVING TYPE – 12oz Bottle

    GLASSWARE – Australian Doubled Walled Upside Down Bottle Glass

    APPEARANCE –Has the color of a dark brewed ice tea with a reddish brown hue, poured with a nice head of tiny bubbles at about 1 inch and that settled down to 1/inch, no lacing

    AROMA- Roasted malts with a bit of an alcohol smell flowing behind

    TASTE – Sweet and bitter all at the same time, good roasted malts and a nice bite of the alcohol

    MOUTHFEEL – Very creamy with a burning sensation in the through from the high grav of this brew

    CONCLUSION – I like this beer a lot, it is not one I would drink every day, but it is a nice treat.  I do not recommend drinking this in the heat though as it will sneak up on you real fast


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    HEISCHMAN Oh forget to mention, poured a little in the small clear glass you see there so I could see the color better, I have enough issues seeing them right being colored blind and all.
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