Aestival Wheat/Toasted & Tapped (Brew Pub)


    Beer/Brewery – Aestival Wheat/Toasted & Tapped (Brew Pub) City/State- Flowerybranch, Georgia STYLE – Wheat ABV – 4% IBU – ?? DATE – 10 JUN 2011 SERVING TYPE – Draft GLASSWARE – Plisner APPEARANCE – Pale golden yellow 1/8 inch head with curtain like lacing AROMA- Faint cituris TASTE – A little grassy for a wheat with a slight hint of lemon and a hoppy after taste MOUTHFEEL – Nice carbonation, but missing that wheatness of a wheat beer. CONCLUSION – Not what I was expecting, closer to a light lager than a wheat beer. Not complaining, just really light for a wheat beer -JH-