Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale/Cricket Hill Brewing Co.

  • Beer/Brewery - Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale/Cricket Hill Brewing Co.

    B / 3.75 look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

    City/State- Fairfield, New Jersey

    STYLE – Belgian Pale Ale

    ABV – 5.5% IBU – 39

    DATE –  18 JUN 2011

    SERVING TYPE – Bottle

    GLASSWARE – English Pub Pint

    APPEARANCE – Murky with an apple cider coloring to it, poured with a nice head that settled to am thin layer on the top of the beer

    AROMA- Citrus and apple notes with a touch of honey

    TASTE – Not as strong with the citrus as you would think from the aroma, but it is there.  Good strong wheat flavor and a touch of that unique Belgian ale yeast

    MOUTHFEEL – not as thick as one with think with the name Breakfast in it.  Good carbonation, maybe a bit too much.  It is a very gassy beer, not even ½ way and burping up a storm.

    CONCLUSION – OK, I was looking forward to a good heavy beer to chew on and when I poured this I thought I had it.  I was wrong.  Still a good beer that I would drink again, maybe sitting next to the camp fire.  It is a summer beer but I think I would enjoy it more on a brisk evening.