IBU's: 167 NO JOKE!

  • SweetWater's newest Dank Tank release - Ghoulash - out this week week in 22oz bottles and on draft


    Warning: We don't know what style 

    it is either. Enjoy and Good Luck!

    Alone and cold on a frigid fall night, the evil Dr. Dank's stomach rumbled. It had been days since devouring the last of his trannies and platypuseses. Desperate, he wandered into his kitchen only to find a 3-eyed rat, yellow toenails, and an old bean burrito. Alwaysghoulash bottle photoresourceful, Dr. Dank remembered his great, great, bouffalata, granny goose's Ghoulash recipe. Try as he might, he couldn't get it right, so he dumpedeverything he could find from the fridge and cupboard into one giant boiling brew, resulting in this stew ofghoulash sell sheet2-row, black wheat, munich malt and a 14-hop varietyasplifidation of Willamette, Galena, Mt. Hood, Nugget,Perle, Aroma, Bobek, Aurora, Styrian, Golding,Magnum, Columbus, Summit, Millennium, and Crystal.Sloppy secondsnever tasted so ghood!Malts: 2-row, Munich, & Midnight WheatHops: Willamette, Galena, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Perle,Aroma, Bobek, Aurora, Styrian Golding, Magnum,Columbus, Summit, Millenium, Crystal (14 total)Beginning Gravity: 21 PlatoFinal Gravity: 5 Plato  

    ABV: 8.5%  

    IBU's: 167