Sweetwater Dank Tank Ghoulash – SweetWater


    Beer/Brewery - Sweetwater Dank Tank Ghoulash – SweetWater


    City/State- Atlanta, Georgia


    STYLE – American Black Ale (Double Black, double dry hopped double India Pale Ale)


    ABV – 8.5%


    IBU – 167


    DATE – 14 NOV 2011


    SERVING TYPE – 22 oz Bomber


    GLASSWARE – Tall pilsner



    A+ / 4.55 


    look: 4 | smell: 3 | taste: 5 | feel: 5 | overall: 5 |


    APPEARANCE – Black and non translucent.  Nice thick head of a light brawn color that retains itself at 1inch and ½!  Wonderful lacing


    AROMA- Hops hops and hops.  Did I mention hops?


    TASTE – Not as hoppy as the aroma would make you think.  The hops are there but there is no bitter after taste. It has some roasted flavor as you would expect from the color, but nothing over the top.


    MOUTHFEEL – Very light and crisp.


    CONCLUSION – I was very shocked with this brew.  With an IBU of 167 I almost put it back on the shelf.  I am happy I did not and I gave it a chance.  Now I am not big on hoppy beers, but this is a nice balance of roasted flavors and bittering hops.  I highly recommend this beer to anyone!  Not a daily drink but it does deserve you attention.  One warning however, you do not taste or feel the burn of 8.5 ABV and this goes down real easy and fast.  It can and will sneak up on you!