Deschutes Brewery "Bachelor E.S.B"

  • Bachelor E.S.B Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR ABV: 5.3 Bottle: 12oz A: Poured a nice copper slight red color with 1 inch tan head that slowly recedes. Leaving a nice lacing, that is on the creamy side. S: Some different smells going on, some pale malt smells, with that fresh cut barley and nice piney hops, slight hint of alcohol as well. T: Lighter in taste than I thought it would be, nicely malty sweetness, very bready, almost like fresh baked whole grain bread, hops leave a nice crisp finish. Definitely on the citrus peel side. Very well balanced, not overwhelming at all. Very little bitterness, not overpowering, smooth is the word. M: Thin, not very carbonated, very adherent to style. Fairly wet in the mouth. All in all, feels pretty damn good. D: Deschutes has done me proud, and I'm quite a fan of their beers and this ESB. This would be a great bring in the summer session beer, and ringing in at 5.3% makes it a just a damn good ESB….So Cheers. alt