Foster's Premium Ale (sample of

  • altTrying to pick a winner in the battle between a Foster's Lager and a Foster's Premium Ale (both in an oil can, of course) would be like trying to pick a winner in a guitar duel between Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. They are both incredible, and are both considered "Bluesmen", but the styles are vastly different. The copper color brew from the green can stole my heart the minute I saw it...Its big foamy head beckoned for me to leave my once beloved blue monster to sip from a "classier" beer. The caramel maltiness is a bit sweeter and more complex, and has a slightly higher alcohol content. From time to time I cheat and go back to ole' blue, but in a perfect world it is a "menage a trois" with them both...

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  • Mark
    Mark I do not think I have ever seen the Foster's Premium Ale here. I'll ask around and see if it is available.
    May 21, 2010