Devil's Backbone Brewing Co.

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    Ahh, another very satisfying trip to the Devil's Backbone Brewing Co. brewpub! Oh, by the way, they were just named the 2010 World Beer Cup Champion Brewery and Brewmaster Small Brewpub! Just sayin'... So, since my last visit they have really started pumping out some serious beer contenders...They have six seasonal beers on rotation every couple of months, which means they produce over 20 new beers annually! Not to mention their 4 staple brews: Wintergreen Weiss, Eight-Point IPA, Vienna Lager and Gold Leaf Lager - the first three of which I tried during my last visit, and the final a 2009 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner!


    Because I wasn't feeling too decisive when the waitress asked what I wanted to drink, I chose to go with the 10-sample flight. I will list these amazing brews with the brewery's own tasting notes:

    Gold Leaf Lager - This 2009 GABF Gold Medal winner is pale gold in color, light body with a crisp and dry finish. 4.5% ABV

    Vienna Lager - This 2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner is an amber colored lager medium in body with a finish that has hints of caramel and toasted nuts. This beer is brewed with four different malts resulting in its smooth malty flavor. 4.9% ABV

    Wintergreen Weiss - This traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer is hazy gold in color, with a lively fruity finish that has hints of clove and banana. This is the beer that started the odyssey that led to the creation of Devils Backbone Brewing Company. During a ski trip to the Alps, DBBC founder Steve Crandall discovered and fell in love with Hefeweizen. Now we bring Hefeweizen to the Blue Ridge. 4.7% ABV

    Eight-Point IPA - This pale bronze beer is medium in body with intense hop flavor and aroma. Our IPA is brewed in the style of the “west coast” with robust hop character coming from American grown varieties of hops. IPA’s are amongst the most popular craft brewed beers as they have moderate strength and tons of flavor. This is not your Grandfathers beer! 5.9% ABV

    Azreal AKA Gargamel - Like it's namesake this beer can easily deceive you. Gold in color, medium in body with hints of apple and pear, leaving a finish that hardly seems like a beer of almost 8% alcohol. 7.8% ABV

    Tectonic Barleywine - It's Christmas in July with the return of this old favorite. If you can't stand the summer heat, this beer will remind you of what a winter we had. Rich malt flavors abound in this sipping beer. 11.0% ABV

    Tye Porter -

    An American-style robust porter deep black in color with a rich chocolate flavor. A deceptively smooth dark beer offering for your summer quaffing. 6.5% ABV

    IPA Plus - we've taken our famous eight point IPA and dryhopped it with Chinook hops. Chinook hops will add characteristics of spice and pine to this ale. 5.9% ABV

    Reilly's Red - This Irish-American style ale has rich caramel malt flavors with subtle notes of American hops. Discover the GM's obsession with red. 5.5% ABV

    Summer Haze - This hazy, golden ale is brewed with unmalted grains, English yeast, hops, coriander, lemon zest and Rooibos herbal tea. Break out the white pants, it must be summer! 4.4%

    All good brews, so if you are ever in the area you MUST stop by this award winning brewpub!

    P.S. - DBBC's Gold Leaf Lager celebrated brew number 450. May there be many more!