Stone Brewing Co.'s Double Bastard Ale

  • This beer pours out a cloudy reddish amber, and left an inch thick creamy head that looked like a cloud...impressive.

    The smell had the caramel malt iness I was expecting.  Could tell by aroma alone that this beer was going to be good. 

    The first taste - we both said WOW!  This beer is packed full of flavor.  Nothing boring and unimposing about this one.  Quite sweet caramel malt upfront, with a hint of citrus...then the hoppy bitterness on the back end.  Just a tinge of the alcohol taste.  For 10.5% ABV, it wasn't overpowering, but the alcohol does sneak up on you!  Some have compared this to a barleywine.  There are characteristics that are the same, but I think it is much better. A very drinkable beer on those occasions that you want something stronger than the average.

    I would give this beer an enthusiastic "A". 

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  • Mark
    Mark It is good stuff. I literally just picked some up at the store along with AVBC Hop Ottin' and Deschutes Inversion IPA. Hopefully they last through the Super Bowl but with 9 days to go I'll probably be back at the store!
    January 23, 2009