Rogue Sea Otter Amber Ale

  • Rogue Ale's Sea Otter Amber Ale, is the same as their American Amber Ale, with some of the proceeds benefitting the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

    A: Pours out a nice reddish amber color, with a creamy head that quickly dissipated but left nice lacing in the glass S: I don't know why, but I smelled sour in a whiskey factory...not a lot of fruit or caramel in this one T: Fairly complex for an amber, yeasty yet fruity, with a nice bitter finish M: Nice and medium bodied, not too much carbonation D: Very drinkable, not overpowering in alcohol.  

    I give this beer a B+.  Would definitely seek out again.

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  • Mark
    Mark That sounds good. I'll try and find some. I've had their dry hopped red ale but not this one.
    March 27, 2009