Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special 16 & 30 Reserve

  • Vertical Tasting:

    Harviestoun Ola Dubh “Black Oil” Special 16 Reserve $8.49/11.2 oz bottle
    Harviestoun Ola Dubh “Black Oil” Special 30 Reserve $12.99/11.2 oz bottle
    Both are 8% ABV, joint venture between Highland Park Single Malt Scotch & Harviestoun Brewery in Scotland
    We stumbled across these today at a local market that sells a ton of imported beers. Although the price was steep, we could not pass up marrying our love of single malt scotch and beer. These beers were incredible. They are matured in Highland Park 16 year and 30 year Single Malt Scotch barrels. We served them in our beer tasting glasses that hold about 5 oz. Here’s our take on these beers:
    Special 16: poured out viscous and oily...black oil is a good descriptive. Thin tan head overcome by the oiliness. Leaves a film in the glass. From the nose you get the scotch; complementary rather than overpowering. Taste is subtle scotch, chocolate and coffee notes. Malt is present. 
    Special 30: this beer was presented in a small single malt scotch style box, with a nice medallion around the bottle. It poured out much the same as the 16 year, only with a far darker head...brown rather than tan. The nose tells you immediately scotch, scotch, scotch! It excites you immediately, and makes you anxious to try it. It does not disappoint. It delivers a far bigger scotch kick, with the chocolate, coffee, and malt of the other. Much more flavor, and wins the tasting hands down.
    These brews, as my husband says, if I was rich I could drink these everyday. Good stuff.
  • Mark
    Mark They sound fantastic. I am sure they were a treat to try.
    March 30, 2009
  • MadLove
    MadLove I'm leery of any beer in a box, and nicknamed "Black Oil," yet I'll take your word for it anyhow!

    I love scotch. Love it in my belly.
    April 3, 2009