Laughing Dog Brewery's Dogzilla Black IPA


    Dogzilla Black IPA
    Laughing Dog Brewery – Ponderay ID
    6.90% ABV
    People either love or hate black IPAs. Maybe they just have to grow on you. I find them to be like a stout-IPA cross.
    This beer poured out dark as night, with barely a reddish tinge to it. It had a thin tan head that did not stick around long.
    Scent of malt, dried figs, raisins, and prunes, and toffee...and yes this is an IPA. But the hops are there, just not immediately present.
    Taste is where I get the hops; mostly in the finish. Get the malt and dried fruits, somewhat medicinal like; and then the hoppy finish.
    Will hop-heads like this beer? Depends if you are a purist. I thought it was ok, and drinkable enough to try again.