Schneider & Sohn's Aventinus Weizenbock


    Aventinus – Weizenbock (Wheat Doppelbock)
    Schneider & Sohn – Kelheim, Germany
    8.2% ABV
    This doppelbock pours out dark brown, with a thin tan head that dissipated quickly with very little lacing.
    The scent of this beer is banana bread and spice such as clove and nutmeg. Should I make bread with this beer? It smells like it.
    The taste follows along with the scent – banana, spice, even a slight anise aftertaste, caramel, and malt round out the flavors. The wheat gives it a breadiness, and mellows out the hop bitterness, which basically does not exist with this beer.
    Not a heavy mouthfeel, and quite carbonated...probably contributing to the lack of lacing on the glass.
    A very drinkable beer and although a doppelbock with a higher alcohol content, don’t really taste the alcohol...I think it would sneak up on you though after a few.