Full Sail Keelhauler Scottish Ale


    Keelhauler Scottish Ale
    Brewmaster Reserve
    Full Sail Brewing Co.Hood River, OR
    6.8% ABV
    This beer has been beckoning me from the refrigerator since we purchased it, soon after the release a couple months ago. Would have liked to take the beautiful drive out to Hood River along the mighty Columbia River, to try this at the brewery, but instead opted to sit in the comfort of our home to give this one a try.
    The beer pours out thick and oily, dark like cola, into the glass, leaving no significant lacing and lacking much of a head to speak of.
    In the smell, I immediately got cafe mocha of the Starbucks variety...slightly burnt coffee with a little chocolate thrown in for sweetness. Also a definite peatiness and roasted malt characteristic, very earthy.
    The taste did not quite live up to the nose for me. Still had the burnt coffee with a bitter aftertaste, like I said before, not unlike Starbucks coffee. Offset by a very slight toffee sweetness, and malt. Did not find it really hoppy, which is fine, did not really expect it; nor as Scotch-like as some imports we have tried.
    A decent effort for Full Sail, not an overwhelming favorite, but worth a try.
    If grading this, I would give a “B-”.