Hair of the Dog Brewing - Cherry Adam from the Wood


    Cherry Adam from the Wood Hair of the Dog Brewing Co - Portland, OR 10% ABV

    This is not a beer for the weak! Nor is it a beer for a hot summer day, but this beer was staring at me from the fridge, yelling drink me, drink me. I could not refuse. The beer lives 6 months of it's life in bourbon and sherry barrels with dark cherries added. The aging in the barrels shows. Right off the bat, as it pours out fairly oily and viscous, you know you have something special. It is dark, it is moody. You take a whiff, and wow...smoky, fruity, malty, woody, boozy...all descriptives...a vanilla like fragrance as well. Very nice nose to this beer. Tastes like it smells. Definitely get the bourbon, the wood, the cherries...although the cherries are fairly understated, honey, malt, vanilla. Very complex in flavor. It is medium to heavy bodied in my opinion. Not really a summer drinker, but I always like to buck the trend. Well worth seeking out if you can find it. I would give this beer an "A"