Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

  • Don't remember who posted on here that the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock was good, but by golly, by gumshoe, they were right!  It poured out nice and dark, with a nicely formed tan head, that did not dissipate too quickly.  The scent of coffee and cocoa, and as it warmed I swear I smelled caramel corn, my favorite holiday mall smell.  Really could taste the chocolate and malty goodness. We might be cooped up with this winter weather in the Pacific NW, but I must say that this beer ranks in my top 10 domestic brews.

  • ilovebeer
    ilovebeer I would have to agree on this one. I was honestly surprise on how much I did like this one, as the Samuel Adams website states they use premium chocolate nips and I have to say it shows.

    I would rate this one: I would push my mother down the stairs...  more
    December 22, 2008
  • Mark
    Mark It was IamSanto that said is was super good. Post is in the forum. I'll have to try and find some.
    December 22, 2008
  • TheBrewClub
    TheBrewClub I was reading so many good things about the Chocolate Bock, here and elsewhere, I had to go out and try it myself. Its really nice stuff. Worth the effort to find! It was a very enjoyable review for me!
    December 27, 2008